Fullcircles Week…

Bluewater and Manchester Wedding Fair: While many flocked to find their dream wedding dress, the Full Circle was hard at work. Richard compered four shows a day, the fabulous Ian Stewart Q&A sessions and kept everyone up to date with the all the action taking place at the fair. Sophie was back stage managing the Wedding Fair shows which consisted of eight models, five dressers, a choreographer and stylist. All the shows were successfully delivered and received displaying stunning gowns in a variety of styles for some of the most remarkable shops and boutiques in the country. 





Richard attended the launch of new Mad hen act Candy Amp in Soho!

Candy Amp is the upstart child of the award winning team behind MadHen. If you need a band with a pedigree second to none and a professional drive to entertain, amaze and keep every dance floor full then these guys are your first choice. Made up of London’s musical cream of the crop, Candy Amp, are fresh, new and full of determination to ensure every gig feels like you are at your own arena show.

Speaking of Soho.. Full Circle is proud to announce that they are now working in partnership with the legendary London venue Café De Paris! This should bring some new and interesting gigs for the company which we are all very excited for.

Full Circle was also involved in the launch of Rothes II wind farm with Nina, Concerto Live Scotland. It took place over two days. Day one was focused on the local school children who were tasked with designing a new wind farm. Day two was the official launch by Fred Olsen with some VVIP in attendance.

wind farm


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