2014 here comes Full Circle!

        2014 is going to be a FANTASTIC Year for Full Circle! We have just finalized our brand new website which shows all our new Funiture, Entertainment, Production and Design produced by the Full Circle team. Full Circle went big at the Concerto Christmas work’s party at the Bluebird in Chelsea providing the Instagram Booth & production with our very own Max Elliott being the DJ of the evening. Full Circle provided walkabouts, performers and the incrediable Beats Boutique for the London Ice Sculpting Festival at Canary Wharf. Our magician Katherine Mills wowed guests in Athens at a gala dinner for Barranco Concept BVBA.

Our Instagram Booth…


Check out our DJ Kit & Lighting provided by the Full Circle Production Team at the Bluebird, Chelsea…

New Image

Our Exclusively managed artists Vicky Butterfly & Miss Polly Rae starring at the Hippdrome…


Check out Full Circle’s brand new website…http://www.wearefullcircle.co.uk/ 


We also have our EXCLUSIVE managed artist Vicky Butterfly starring in the show Black Cat Cabaret at the Cafe Royal every Wednesday…


….And our MD Richard was featured at no.75 in The Event 100 #event100…

New Image

Today’s Metro…Radiant Orchid is the Pantone for 2014

New Image

Our amazing Full Circle Design team predict the FUTURE…as they were pitching these shades back in December for the 2014 season!!! Eat your heart out Mystic Meg…..


Our Giant Birdcage will be headlining at the launch of Pierre Frey gallery in Paris…


Our amazingly talented Vicky Butterfly has now been confirmed to perform at Clic Sargent’s ‘The Fantasy Ball’…



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