Fullcircle is having a very exciting & busy Summer run, check out some of our amazing work at a number of our favourite venues.

View FC blog now & see for yourselves!

Fullcircle supplied Production, Furniture & Design work for the Tesco Packaged Food Summer Ball…


IMG_0668 IMG_0646 IMG_0601 IMG_0635 IMG_0592 IMG_0584 IMG_0581 IMG_0573 IMG_0556 IMG_0533 IMG_0527 IMG_0525 IMG_0496 IMG_0491 IMG_0452 IMG_0450


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Geek Chic and Twist & Pulse were at the HAC…

wdwa  Urban Groove featured in the Shepstock 2014…


 FC Dressed & provided Entertainment for Mask & BGL…

sss ssss

IMG_0450 xx

SLAM! at Grosvenor House…

BSC Grosvenor House 024 BSC Grosvenor House 023

FC providing Entertainment weekly at Merchant Square for their Summer Run…

photo 4 photo 3 photo 2 photo 1 photo 4 photo 3 photo 2

Garden Party…

garden house pics

Fullcircle providing Production for Vodafone…

d photo




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