Goodbye Spring, hello Summer!

Summer has been super busy over here at Fullcircle and it’s barely begun. June brought some incredible opportunities for us and loads of big projects.

The Fullcircle design and production teams were busy installing all of our wonderful venues.


We’ve had some great events at the HAC since the install started. Our production and design teams have done a fabulous job on this incredible venue and the perfect weather has meant that guests plenty of time catching the rays! We’ve provided everything from our Snap Caravan, ice cream vans, shot girls and a karaoke booth.

image4 image6 IMG_5300 IMG_5302 IMG_5305

The team did a great job transforming the venue into an underwater wonder world for one of the events at the HAC complete with giant octopus. Our client was thrilled and guests said it was just like diving somewhere tropical, just less far to travel!

image1 image2 image3 image5

Old Billingsgate

We had 16 events over 25 days, ranging from summer parties for large corporates like Dunnhumbys (the company that runs the Tesco Clubcard scheme) to fashion shows. We turned Billingsgate into the solar system for Guy Carpenter and hosted (and provided all the house rigging for) the successful world record of the most number of aerial performers in the air at one time (30). We hosted a tech conference that even had some robotic pole dancers, a wedding and numerous fundraisers and the stage was graced with the likes of the Kaiser Chiefs, Denise Van Outen and Grand Master Flash.

Facebook Tour

We have started a 2 week tour of the UK for Facebook targeting SME’s who are looking to advertise using FB and Instagram, on the tour we are taking in Cardiff Birmingham Manchester, Leeds and Edinburgh.

Eroica Britannia

Eroica Britannia is a vintage bike festival held in Bakewell in the Peak District. The festival drew in 35,000 guests who came to enjoy the vast entertainment programme and the ride itself. Fullcircle were lucky enough to provide production and design services for the entire festival site as well as specific areas for some of Eroica’s biggest sponsors. We also played a huge part in scheduling all entertainment over 4 locations each day!

11204945_394263750762226_2092921509351228407_n 11140049_394800774041857_1403365194177654900_n 11054402_395328290655772_6996580422619584330_n Picture5 11024794_394788644043070_1945484084093803462_n 10351597_394790024042932_738879129752692091_n 1972433_395328180655783_5482075133482527341_n 1422634_395328377322430_5530355719501593662_n 988591_395328150655786_7401157735079700804_n

We had great fun designing Smeg’s caravan for the festival, fully equipped with Smeg products and even a photobooth. The caravan was so popular, it will now be touring with Smeg to events over the coming year!

IMG_0150 Picture1 Picture2

The bespokely designed Fentimans Bar was a huge hit at the festival and was always full of guests in vintage dress. We even had a Fentimans branded Vintage Routemaster Bus!

IMG_0148 Picture3 Picture4 Picture7 11402709_394790037376264_8794456010649262379_n

Prior to Eroica Britannia Fentimans showcased at Polo in the Park where we created their botanically brewed drinks with a botanical garden theme. Since Eroica, we also took Fentimans to Imbibe drinks show and built them a bespoke stand to showcase their drinks. This stand will now be setting off around the country to various events with Fentimans with the help of the Fullcircle design team.

IMG_0118 IMG_0122

IMG_0167 IMG_0174 IMG_0173 IMG_0184 IMG_0185 IMG_0186

Broadgate Circle

The middle of June took us to Broadgate Circle for a week of events. The launch night kicked off with our very own Beats Boutique who rocked the show opening for the one and only Nick Grimshaw! And what’s a better way to remember a great night than with a visit to the Snap Cab!

The newly launched area just outside of Liverpool Street Station played host to many great acts over the week and the reception was fantastic. With two different acts on the stage every day, members of the public came to enjoy a bit of music with their lunch and maybe a few tipples after work.

Blending into the banking crowd in their smart suits were some of our favourite magicians who surprised members of the public with their mind-blowing tricks, each with their own style. Tom performed his signature iPad magic, Maximilian showed off his card skills with a new take on traditional tricks and Neb confused crowds with his mind reading abilities.

IMG_5332 IMG_5333 IMG_5349 IMG_5368 IMG_5372 IMG_5397 IMG_5658 IMG_5660 IMG_5661 IMG_5662 Picture11

Hays Galleria

June means the kick off of our Hays Galleria summer programme and what better way to start it than with Bella Bella Rockafella! Megan McConnell and Danny & Matt put on a show in the following weeks and there’s still lots of exciting acts to come. Over the coming weeks, Fullcircle will be providing entertainment every Wednesday for this unique space. It’s a public event so feel free to check it out!



Some of the Fullcircle team went out to Kent this month to celebrate a 50th Birthday. Based on the Feingold family’s estate, the event was a lavish affair and Fullcircle provided theming, production and entertainment for the ‘Out of Africa’ themed event. One of the biggest hits of the event was the roaming gorillas and their keeper. Causing all sorts of mischief, the gorillas climbed on cars, threw things about and generally caused havoc, much to the amusement of guests. The Fullcircle Performance team also provided musicians, maasai warriors, the incredible Black Eagle group and the Snap Caravan filled with safari themed props.


1 2 3  IMG_5312 Picture12

Silver Sturgeon

Fullcircle had a very busy event on the Silver Sturgeon. We provided all tech, much of the theming and all entertainment for the event. Luckily the weather was on our side and guests spent much of the evening on the top deck while a swing band played. We also provided a photobooth, casino tables and the amazing DJ Miss Mavrik to entertain guests as we sailed the Thames.

IMG_5533 IMG_5539


The end of June brought the Formula E finals to London and Fullcircle were lucky enough to be a part of it. Sponsors Amlin held a pre-race event at the Leadenhall Building for guests to tour their new office space and were greeted with games, simulators and our Skyline Snap Scene before heading over to Battersea Park for the race.

IMG_0187 IMG_0203 IMG_0218

Princes Trust

Another event at the HAC and this time it was a family fun day for Prince’s Trust. Even Princess Elsa was in attendance but luckily she kept the day lovely and warm!

1 Picture13 Picture14

Miss Polly Rae

June brought an exciting new change for one of our exclusive acts, Miss Polly Rae. Her brand new show Between the Sheets, debuted at the Wonderground and was a massive hit with the audience!



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