Rio Olympics at Sushi Samba

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It’s finally here! The long awaited Rio Olympics are upon us and Fullcircle have everything you need to celebrate, Brazilian style! The Olympics has brought an influx of Brazilian parties, each bringing with them their very own interpretations of the theme.

Fullcircle were given free rein over the Sushi Samba venue at the top of the Heron Tower this summer with an all singing, all dancing Rio Olympic theme. The venue was packed full of our best Rio theming and entertainment. The famous Tree Terrace was transformed into the Amazon Forest, filled with 10ft banana palms, grass covered furniture and bar top and even some sneaky little forest creatures peering through the bushes!

Showcasing the other side of Rio’s culture was the seriously colourful Street Party Terrace with bright crates and oil drums decorated with an array of multi-coloured flowers, jars and vases.

Entertainment included everything from Football, Basketball and Capoeira freestylers and Olympic style performers, to a snake artist and pick pocket roaming around surprising guests.

This was a perfect opportunity for all Fullcircle’s departments to join forces and do what we do best….. create something beautiful and memorable!


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